Our focus

What we do now, and what we are committed to do for the future generations.

Smart Duct offers high quality professional installation services, which meet recognised industry standards. This is achieved through an integrated process of business planning, sound commercial practice and a clear focus upon continuous improvement. It is our governing principle to provide products and services using a ‘best practice’ approach to commercial operations and the maximization of return on investment for the benefit of our customers. We aim to be recognized as a professional, ethical and commercially successful organization in the industry at local and national levels.


Smart Duct takes great pride in the quality and reliability of our products and aim to exceeds other vendors. Smart Duct’s strong commitment to quality and confidence in its products is evident in offering an industry-leading warranty, including a lifetime duration warranty on most of the product portfolio. Smart Duct is committed to a positive customer experience and believes the quality and reliability of our products will provide customers with a strong return on their investment, low cost of ownership, and a satisfied relationship with Smart Duct.


Smart duct is committed to build a better future for our children and children’s children. Being environmentally sustainable is at the core of our everyday business operations. We use the most advanced and power efficient machineries to do more, but with smaller carbon footprint. Our unified IT infrastructure leverage the latest cloud based infrastructure to ensure most efficient IT infrastructure and power consumption known to date.


Smart duct leverage the latest in manufacturing machineries, integrated IT technologies and well proven business methodologies to lead and revolutionise the building and manufacturing industry. We use the most advanced full automatic production line and is both efficient and safety. Our latest CNC plasma cutter has cutting accuracy of 0.1mm and speed up to 20m per minute. Our ERP system controls end to end business operations from the time order comes in, till the job gets closed off. Our management has full visibility to the complete manufacturing, logistic and installation progress, to ensure the timely delivery of our products and services that we have promised!


Here is a sneak peak at what's going on at Smart Duct.